Two Weeks Under the Sea

Aquanauts study the health of marine organisms—by becoming their neighbors. Originally published on NOVA Aug. 28th, 2014 Six miles off the coast of Key Largo and 63 feet below the ocean surface sits the world’s only undersea marine laboratory—the FIU Aquarius Reef Base. There, researchers from Florida International University, Northeastern University, and MIT recently joined documentarian […]

Moctar Yara and the Fabric of Life

(View the story as it appeared on Voices of NY) Popping up from the subway, visitors in Central Harlem are immediately hit with an explosion of color unmatched anywhere else in the city.  For that, Moctar Yara is partially to thank.

Brooklyn Family “Not Giving Up” Amid Alleged Landlord Harassment

Michelle and her two sons have been limping by in their ruined home—an apartment with no daylight, no running water and no toilet—for nearly a year. (Video origianally aired on May 2014 Edition of 219 West) Family “Not Giving Up” Amid Alleged Landlord Harassment from Kristen Clark on Vimeo. Rays of sunlight, peeking through cracks […]

A Saturday Night Slice of the Old Southside

Note: This video and article first appeared on Brooklyn Based and were later featured on Brian Lehrer TV. Here’s a PDF, in case those links change up on me. Just a few blocks southeast of Bedford Avenue’s vintage record stores and vegan restaurants, a visitor to Williamsburg might catch a few stray notes of salsa […]

Swinging Sixties and Small World Still Swinging, For Now

“Do we have a fight? Yeah. But most of the seniors have been in fights before. You don’t get to be a senior without going through life’s crises.” Swinging Sixties and Small World Still Swinging, For Now from Kristen Clark on Vimeo.

Radiator Labs

New York City apartment dwellers, long plagued by Death Valley-like conditions each winter, may soon have a new weapon in the epic battle with their steam radiators.