New Project: True Everywhere

Let the world speak to you… (Earbuds or headphones recommended for best video experience) From Vice Documentaries toCouchSurfing to Oculus Rift, the next generation wants more than just information–we’re looking for experiences that feel authentic, visceral, challenging, and meaningful. But what if I told you you don’t need a plane ticket, a virtual reality headset, […]

Secrets of Urban Archaeology

Urban archaeologists dig for stories beneath city streets. Originally published on NOVA September 11th, 2014 Some archaeologists head to the jungles of Peru to dig up the past. But for Joe Bagley, Boston’s city archaeologist, the urban jungle is just as exciting. Bagley says archaeologists are discovering little pockets of perfectly preserved history in some […]

A Saturday Night Slice of the Old Southside

Note: This video and article first appeared on Brooklyn Based and were later featured on Brian Lehrer TV. Here’s a PDF, in case those links change up on me. Just a few blocks southeast of Bedford Avenue’s vintage record stores and vegan restaurants, a visitor to Williamsburg might catch a few stray notes of salsa […]

Crossing the Line

Seaman, singer and storyteller Frank Woerner is beloved in New York City’s folk music community for bellowing out century-old sea songs. The songs tell tales of hard drinking, big catches, harrowing storms, and women in every port. But Frank, a ex-Navy man, has had his own share of adventure. Here’s the story of his time […]

Is Your Neighborhood Red Or Green?

What can the number of neighborhood McDonalds and Starbucks tell us about changing fortunes in New York City?  A lot–but not everything, as it turns out. We started with a basic observation: there seemed to be more Starbucks in well-off New York City neighborhoods and fewer in poorer ones. The opposite seemed to be true […]