A Saturday Night Slice of the Old Southside

Note: This video and article first appeared on Brooklyn Based and were later featured on Brian Lehrer TV. Here’s a PDF, in case those links change up on me. Just a few blocks southeast of Bedford Avenue’s vintage record stores and vegan restaurants, a visitor to Williamsburg might catch a few stray notes of salsa […]

Beats Over Books: Using Hip-Hop in the Classroom

Opening the door to a high school English classroom, the first thing you’d expect to hear probably isn’t Jay-Z blasting out at full volume.  But as pressure intensifies to boost student achievement in schools around the country, a growing number of educators are finding an uncommon ally–in their students’ iPods. For more information about Urban […]

My First Kiss

Encounters with bad breath, braces, and Spin the Bottle. Visitors to New York City’s Bryant Park dish on their very first kiss.

The Comedy Virgin

A New York City comic recounts the harrowing tale of his first experience… performing stand-up, that is.

Post-Sandy, NYC Cabbies Face a Long Road to the Pumps

  (Midtown Manhattan, Nov. 2nd, 2012) Two million barrels of oil are being unloaded in the Port of New York right now to combat widespread gas shortages after Hurricane Sandy. But they can’t come fast enough for New York City cab drivers. I followed a gas station line up 10th avenue in Midtown Manhattan to […]

…Can I Try That Again?

If you could take another shot at doing something for the first time, what would it be? Tourists in Manhattan’s Bryant Park share stories of college, car wrecks, and drunken trampoline mishaps.  

Death Mask (clip from Radiolab)

“Near the end of the 19th century, a mysterious young woman with a beguiling smile turned up in Paris. She became a huge sensation. She also happened to be dead.” I visit Lorenzi’s mask workshop in Paris for “Death Mask,” Radiolab’s story on the Unknown Woman of the Seine. Listen below to my tour of […]