Kristen Elise Clark

New Project: True Everywhere

Let the world speak to you…

(Earbuds or headphones recommended for best video experience)

From Vice Documentaries toCouchSurfing to Oculus Rift, the next generation wants more than just information–we’re looking for experiences that feel authentic, visceral, challenging, and meaningful. But what if I told you you don’t need a plane ticket, a virtual reality headset, or even a computer screen in order to be completely immersed in a news story?

True Everywhere is a global storytelling podcast recorded in binaural, or “3D” audio. All you need is a smart phone, a pair of earbuds and a seat on a park bench or subway–and we’ll drop you directly into a kitchen or street corner on the other side of the world.

But True Everywhere is a more than a podcast, app or audio platform–it’s an interactive community of global adventurer-storytellers who are driven by a desire to learn about humanity. Through our podcasts and educational storytelling workshops, we encourage students, community groups and travelers to venture out into their world and connect meaningfully with the people they meet.

I’m developing this project as part of a fellowship at the Tow-Knight center for Entrepreneurial Journalism. To learn more, pitch stories or get involved, you can email me at TrueEverywherePodcast[AT]gmail[DOT]com– or follow me on Twitter @EverywhereRadio.